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Stars Sky Pick Up Lines

  • See the art across the sky. #stargazing
  • I know time flies when stargazing at night. #stargazingnight
  • Let the stars shine in your eyes. #stargazinglive
  • Each twinkle of your eyes shows the stars. #stargazingforeveryone
  • It’s my space. #stargazingwuthyou
  • Stars are the landmarks of the universe. #secretgetaway
  • Stars wink at us constantly. #twinle
  • Unless bright enough, the moonlight drowns out the stars. #twinklynight
  • They silently hang in the night sky beautifying it. #sparklingnight
  • Silently do the strs keep a watch over the earth. #nightsky
  • All are but stars. #starrynight
  • We are made up of the same material that stars are made of except the flames. #stargazinglive
  • Silently beautify the world like the stars. #stargazingnight
  • However different we may be, we look up at the same stars and the moon. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Stargazing actually is a kind of meditation. #stargazing
  • It’s a cosmic ocean out there high above. #stargazinglive
  • In the dark look for stars. #stargazingnight
  • Look at the same star but always see the different things. #secretgetaway
  • So sad that the night has to end. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Day shows a single star, night shows so many. #stargazinglive
  • Shoot the stars. #stargazing
  • Destiny is in ourselves, not in the stars. #stargazingwuthyou
  • Stars never judge. #stargazingnight
  • Like the stars, we will also shine on. #stargazing
  • Let the night sky be your ceiling. #stargazingnight
  • Lie down and wonder how.
  • Look up at the stars, not your feet. #stargazinglive
  • Try to make some sense of what the skies show you. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Darkness really makes stars shine brighter than ever. #secretgetaway
  • Feel the happiness the stars are sharing. #stargazingnight
  • Stars are those little holes through which we will enter heaven. #sparklingnight
  • Somewhere in the sky some star wants you to know. #stargazinglive
  • Beauty can always be felt, just as with stars. #stargazing
  • Call me a night-thinker, not a day dreamer. #stargazingwuthyou
  • The galaxy awaits you through the skies. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Astronomy is something you will fall for. #secretgetaway
  • So much space makes you see how small we really are. #sparklingnight
  • Belong to the stars. #stargazinglive
  • Stars shine for you and me. #stargazing
  • They say I am a dreamer, but there are so many more who dream of stars. #sparklingnight
  • Explore the galaxy tonight. #stargazingnight
  • Stars will guide you through. #stargazingforeveryone
  • See I clicked the stars for you as I clicked you for them. #stargazing
  • Never forget the sun when thinking of stars. #stargazingwuthyou
  • You may doubt that stars are all fire, but never doubt that they actually share the warmth all around.
  • You don’t see them always, but they are there. #stargazing
  • It is good that the stars are so far away. We appreciate their beauty even more. #secretgetaway
  • Let the star in you shine out into the darkness to light it up. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Maybe we belong among the stars. #stargazinglive
  • Don’t lose the moon when trying to count the stars. #stargazingnight
  • Darkness is when we actually can see the stars.
  • Time to rattle those stars. #stargazingnight
  • We are in the middle of the stars. #stargazingforeveryone
  • Always keep looking up. #stargazing
  • Peace is what you will get. #stargazingwuthyou
  • Wish upon a star whenever you can. #stargazinglive
  • Get lost in the night sky. #stargazingnight
  • Even from the gutter, we can see the stars. #sparklingnight
  • Look at the stars and remain calm. #stargazing
  • See how vast the night sky is. #secretgetaway
  • Stars will make you dream away. #stargazingwuthyou
  • Imagine the stars sparkling inside you. #sparklingnight
  • Stargazing will make you live differently. #stargazing
  • The infinity of the skies and the stars therein make you wonder.
  • Let me be the star in your sky. #stargazingnight
  • The lights on the street of time. #stargazinglive
  • Feet grounded. Eyes all starry. #stargazing
  • Become a part of the sky filled with stars. #secretgetaway
  • Stargazers are so cool. #stargazingforeveryone
  • So many stars to wish on. #stargazingwuthyou
  • The stars and the skies have made you with much love and care. #stargazingnight
  • The stars shine for us. #stargazing
  • One day you will land among the stars surely. #stargazinglive
  • Darker the night, brighter the stars. #stargazingforeveryone
  • One can’t ever be too old to wish on a star. #stargazingnight
  • I love the stars so profoundly that I fear not the darkness anymore. #stargazing
  • To be written in the stars. #stargazingnight

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